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Digital Smile Design

New smile experiments can be created on the tablet computer with special programs supported by artificial intelligence. The favorite tooth designs ...


Digital Measurement

With the help of special cameras that can record 3D images, the size of the mouth interior can be transferred to computer. By working on these data...


CAD/CAM Porcelain Laminate And Crowns

The most natural-looking materials used in smile design are Emax veneers and crowns. After scanning with digital measurement, porcelain veneers and...


CAD/CAM Zirconium Crowns And Bridges

Bridges are also one of the treatment options for the closure of tooth gaps. Zirconium is the primary choice in the aesthetic bridge construction. ...


CAD/CAM Porcelain Inlays And Onlays

They can be produced from porcelain blocks with Cad/Cam after digital measurement and digital design processes or from resin materials with 3D prin...


Night Plaque With 3D Printer

After scanning the mouth and teeth digitally, the night plaque is designed on the computer. Night plaques are manufactured with a 3D printer from a...


Guided Pink Aesthetic Surgery With 3D Printer

As digital measurements are taken and a new smile design is created digitally, some preparations are also made for people with overexposed gums and...


Digital Guided Implant Surgery

Tomography and digital measurement are overlaid in a special computer program and the computer is used to calculate the locations of implants. A gu...


Digital Transparent Orthodontics

With digital measurement and computerized design processes, the periodic course of the patient's orthodontic treatment is planned and special plaqu...