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1 Day in the Clinic with Ali Ozoglu

As we treat our patient/case selected as per the request of one participant, all details are explained to our participating colleague.

Dental Photography

In our one-day course, basic photography information and all details about dental photography are shared with our colleagues and lots of trials are made.

Smile Design and Laminate Course

In this 2-day course, information is provided on the basic principles and applications of smile design. Mock up, cutting techniques and cementation trials are performed on models.

Composite Laminate Course

When making composite laminates, all details of layering technique, diastema closure techniques and EZVENEER application, a new system, are shared and applications are made on models.

One-on-One Training with Ali Ozoglu

In this single-person training program, all-day training is given on porcelain laminate, composite applications or dental photography. At another date, our colleague also participates in the one-day at the clinic program.